Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms

A fire alarm system is the first line of defense against the danger of fire. Before someone can react, the fire alarm system has 4 purposes, not just announce a fire.

1. Detect fire
Our fire alarm system is designed to detect fire in two main ways: smoke and heat, but in case a fire is observed before smoke or heat reached the sensors of the system it has the capability of manual pull.

2. Alert occupants
When the system detects smoke or heat, it alerts the occupants of the building using both audible and visible alarms, alarms that will be bright, loud and impossible to ignore, which help mobilize individuals to follow the evacuation plan.

3. Manage Risks
When the alarm is activated, some systems perform a set of tasks that help prevent fire and smoke from spreading as well as protect occupants, such as: automatically shutting doors in different zones, powering off ventilation and air conditioning, or redirecting elevators to bring cars to a designated level.

4. Notify Authorities
This ensures the fire department is en route as quickly as possible, so they can respond and extinguish the fire before it becomes an even bigger threat.