The fire alarm industry is amazingly advanced and complicated.  Given that code cycles change frequently and each jurisdiction has the right and in fact, the obligation to interpret the code as they understand best how it impacts their Jurisdiction.  These and many other issues can lead to confusion, rejection of plans, delay in permits, and additional costs.

Texas Fire & Sound team has done work in over 33 states and has a vast understanding of the codes and the local jurisdiction requirements for many areas.  We can assist engineers, architects, and contractors in the development of clear and accurate fire alarms, security, card access, or other low-voltage designs.  Our vast experience allows us to accurately design systems and eliminate all the hassles with the city/state jurisdictions that these systems must comply with to have success in moving these plans through the myriad of Jurisdictions that exist.

Our team’s advanced training and experience allow us to stay on the cutting edge of code changes and advances in the low-voltage industry.  This translates to better, projects that are on time, on budget, and hassle-free.

Value Added Services

Our Knowledge base allows you to be confident that we can evaluate existing systems or new designs and/or propose a new design and give recommendations before the money is expended on inappropriate or ineffective solutions. 

The Engineering staff at Texas Fire & Sound stays active in code development, industry focus groups, Fire Marshal Associations, and National and Local Associations to better focus on creative and acceptable ways to save you time, money, and frustration on the services you need and trust to protect your most valuable assets.  We have worked with many End Users, General Contractors, Consultants, Electrical Engineers, and other professionals to continue to find ways to save our clients from the frustration, cost overruns, and delay project completions that seem to plague our industry.

Next time you have a design challenge or a fast-track project; don’t hesitate to call our team of experts to help navigate the ins and outs of your next success story.