Audio Visual (A/V)

Audio Visual (A/V)

When it comes to the perfect sound, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Get clear, balanced highs and rich lows with high-performance, commercial-grade sound equipment. Whether you need superior audio conferencing, sound reinforcement, paging systems, recording & streaming systems, emergency notification, or an audio distribution system, TFS will provide you with the equipment and expertise you need to make your message heard.

Audio-Video-Meeting Room-Teaching Wall

Modern offices and schools depend on technology as a teaching aid as well as live meetings between people scattered all over the world using Teams or internal meeting solutions.

Modern Schools utilize computers projecting lessons on a screen or projector to enhance the teaching experience for the student.

Many modern classrooms will have an audio system along with the video to bring the lessons to life for the students.

We have installed many hundreds of “Teaching Walls” for our customers and are very experienced in providing for the requirements of the district.

No two school districts have the same requirements and we are ready to provide district standard or, if requested, help in the design of a system that meets the needs of the Schools.

Modern offices are more and more connected to all the different locations of the company.

We can provide solutions from displays, sound, teleconferencing connectivity.