Code Requirements

Code Requirements for Inspection Services

Commonly Used Codes & Standards

  • IBC
  • UBC
  • UFC
  • IFC
  • NFPA 70
  • NFPA 72
  • NFPA 101
  • NFPA 1

Differences between codes and standards


Specifies what type of protection is required based upon particular circumstances.


Performance (Prescriptive): specifies how equipment shall operate and the limits of conditions it must operate under.

 specifies how a particular code requirement shall be met.


Portable ExtinguishersMonthly inspection per NFPA 10NFPA 10
Fire AlarmBatteries Lead Acid or GelNFPA 72
SprinklerDry / Preaction / Deluge / Wet Pipe Gauges / Control Valve / Exterior Alarm Chained, Sealed or Locked Control Tamper Switches, Fire Pump ExerciseNFPA 25
BackflowsReduce Pressure ValvesNFPA 25
Emergency Lights/SignsFunctional TestNFPA 101


Fire AlarmControl Panels – Fuses, Interface Equipment, Lamps and LEDs. Primary and Secondary Power, Heat Sensing Fire Detectors, Supervisory Devices, Waterflow Devices (Electronic Only)NFPA 72
SprinklerAlarm Devices (Mechanical) Hydraulic Nameplate Pressure Reducing and Relief Valves Hose Racks, Fire Pumps, Fire Dept. ConnectionsNFPA 25


Hood SuppressionFusible Links / Appliance Location – Changes in Suppression SystemNFPA 17 & 17A
Fire AlarmControl Panel – Fuses, Interface Equipment, Lamps and LEDs. Primary and Secondary Power, Transient Suppressors, Control Unit Trouble / Supervisory / Alarm Signals, Emergency Voice & Communications, Remote Annuciators, Intiating Devices – All Types Releasing, Extinguishing or Suppression System Switches, Notification Devices, UDACTNFPA 72


HoodFusible Links, Regulator, Manual Initiating Devices, Rubber and Metal Blow Off CapsNFPA 17 & 17A
Fire Alarm100% Functional Test – Maybe Combined with Semi Annual to ComplyNFPA 72
SprinklerHanger / Seismic Bracing, Pipe and Fittings, Sprinkler Heads / Check for Blocks and Obstructions of Sprinkler HeadsNFPA 25
Emergency Lights/SignsFunctional Test and Load TestNFPA 101
Portable ExtinguishersPressure Test, Hanger, Sign, Obstructions, Tamper Indicator, Cylinder Condition, Conductivity Test (CO2) Agent